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Here are some of the lovely comments from our customers and press releases!



Ooooo Helen! The gorgeous box full of delicious treats has arrived! I’m in heaven. 

The Raspberry is beyond yummy and I’m diving into the Rhubarb next. 

Thank You so so much. 

Needless to say, I’ll be in touch for more supplies soon. 

Suzie πŸ’• May 2020

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful package We collected from the post office this morning (I missed the delivery on Friday because I was at work).

I have always waxed lyrical to anyone who would listen about how incredible your marshmallows are but I think they thought I was exaggerating... UNTIL NOW! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜

A socially distanced 67th birthday tea for my partner's Dad was made perfect by Dulci Bella. πŸ’–πŸ’– Thank you xx 


May 2020



These are delicious little morsels and presented so beautifully they would make a great gift. I am keeping all of mine to myself.

Each fluffy little bundle has a taste explosion in the centre.


Aug 2019


Our box arrived today, they are beautifully presented and truly delicious, all at EdenGroup are drooling over them.

Well done and thank you!

JW EdenGroup 


I loved your marshmallows!

Kim-Joy, Great British Bake Off Finalist 2018



You’ll be delighted to know that every one of the guests this weekend, without exception, commented on how amazing the marshmallows were!

Mrs A Lane, Masonic Ladies Lunch


 "So light & fluffy, with sharp rhubarb that really complements the marshmallow.

Absolutely exquisite."

John Whaite GBBO winner & food writer



"These are so pretty that you really do want to bite into them and then you enjoy the surprise of the rhubarb and vanilla which elevates a good marshmallow to something quite exceptional."

Judges comment Really Rather Rhubarby Great Taste Award Winner 2 stars 2015



 Nan absolutely loved the Tower. She really was over the moon with it. The rest of us barely got the chance to enjoy one!

WW Ashford



 'Your marshmallows are exceptional!"

Lotte Duncan,  UK Food Channel presenter and writer



 "The best marshmallows I have ever tasted!"

Sophie Grigson, food writer, journalist and chef



  'I love everything there is to love about christmas spices and here they are combined into my favourite confection. You can really taste the treacle and the butter caramel soft centre oozes decadence."  Christmas Spice Marshmallow

'The Lemon Meringue marshmallows are exceedingly special"

My Foodie Heaven on-line food magazine



 "Maker of marvellous marshmallows, beautifully presented, delicately flavoured morsels of delight."

Rosemary and Pork Belly, Foodies Top 100 Food Bloggers



 "We have just finished the wonderful marshmallows we bought from you, our husbands thought they were amazing. Good luck with your truly amazing product"

Jane C, Woking Food Festival



 I have never heard 'oh my god' so many times in a public marquee! And yes, I will be saying it again this evening when I open my special box of squidgy magic!

Liz W, Weald and Downland Open Air Museum



 "Oh my God. I'm not sure how to put into words how delicious they are!!"

Annie'snoms, food blogger



 "The Marshmallow Marvel - filled treats that could not be further from the average sweet shop fare."

So Magazine, featuring artisan makers and bakers



 "Thank you so much for the marshmallow kisses they where amazing!!!"

Alex, Wirral


"Just amazing, you are a marshmallow genius!"

JB, Petworth



 "Beyond decadent!"

Lynne, Broadstairs Food Festival



 "A friend just bought me some of your marshmallows and I think they are the best thing I have ever eaten!!!"

Claire TW



 "My wedding guests thought just a marshmallow, ate it and said "oh my god they're delicious!" Which they are!"

Emma BD