DulciBella Marshmallows- a world of bubbling syrup and clouds of icing sugar!

My world is perfumed with the scent of Madagascan Bourbon vanilla, I peer through clouds of icing sugar, my fingers are flecked with Sunshine Yellow, Dusky Pink and Party Green. The joy of discovering new flavour combinations... I can do this! I can do that!

 It took months to develop a recipe and technique to enable the piping and filling of a marshmallow, studying the science of sugar, learning you cannot pour a failed batch of marshmallow batter down the sink without disastrous consequencies, burnt pans, marshmallow batter too thick, then too thin, never answer the phone or the door when boiling sugar- no distractions.

 I have been blessed with a life full of creativity- training as a silversmith and jeweller, then working in advertising as a print and artwork buyer, now I'm travelling headlong down the Marshmallow Road of Life and loving every step of the way!

I hope you enjoy my marshmallows with the equal passion that I put into making them just for you.


vintage me!!!