DulciBella Marshmallows- a world of bubbling syrup and clouds of icing sugar!

Our marshmallows are very, very special- a modern interpretation of the traditional marshmallow, each handpiped marshmallow has a hidden centre!

  Founded in 2012 we are still the only makers of handcrafted filled marshmallows in the country, and are very proud to hold 6 Great Taste Awards, including 2 Silver Awards.

Our flavours are vibrant and exciting, made in small batches to order and delivered to your door.

We guarantee that you will never taste anything quite like a DulciBella marshmallow and say that every box of our marshmallows includes a smile and an "Ooooo!"

 I hope you enjoy my marshmallows with the equal passion that I put into making them just for you.

Helen xxx

We dont make square ones!